RV Park at Caribbean Village

The Caribbean Village, managed by Henry and Joan Menzies of Belize VIP Transfer Services is a great place for those traveling in recreational vehicles (RVs). Travelers really enjoy the park, and after coming through Mexico are happy with the facilities. They have a dumping station, stable electricity, and clean water. Adventure Caravans makes it their home for a couple of weeks each year when they bring a large group of bird watchers.

People who are avid bird watchers and have RVs can travel all over North America in what are their homes. This group had everything from luxury RVs to just little campers on their trucks.

The park is located in a wonderful site by Corozal Bay. There is a warm breeze, you can swim in the bay, and take refreshing walks along the seawall.

This Adventure Caravan group were bird watchers. Here they are having a meeting planning their trip to Lamanai the next day.

Bert and Shari Frenz are leaders of the bird watchers. You can check them out here. They are also on the staff of Adventure Caravans.

People who are bird watchers let people know their passion. Some personalize their love in unique ways.

During a free day, the travelers can take the opportunity to enjoy the bay. Having the bird book handy is good!


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